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The United Corps is the second book in the exciting TUC series. Learn more about Zeus Malone’s past, his connection to the Kalopso crime network, why he came to Officers Training School, and who plans to kill him.     

Zeus is an orphan in a society that views him as less than human. He clawed his way out of living in the sewers to be accepted into the elite military academy. His strong survival skills have served him well in boot camp. Now the Alphas are moving into their barrack. 

The Corps will do whatever it takes to get him discharged. Some are even plotting his demise before he can reveal their dark secrets. Is his new roommate, Apollo Christani, one of them? 

Zeus must return to his home planet and face the stark realities of his abusive past. Can he complete his mission and escape? Or will he be captured to endure the torturous fate worse than death his enemies have planned for him? 

About The Book

 Two hundred years in the future,  orphans are the dregs of society. They are forever considered morally deviant, social outcasts who are unfit for education or employment. Zeus Malone is an orphan raised in slavery under the Kalopso, a brutal crime cartel.  

He lives in constant fear that what he knows will one day explode into another unimaginable nightmare.  Zeus becomes the first orphan accepted to Officers Training School (OTS),  an elite military academy. They wonder how a street-smart,  knife-throwing, starving orphan passed the demanding entrance exams.

  What are his criminal connections and why does the vicious Kalopso network want him to infiltrate the Corps?  OTS doesn’t accept him and will do whatever it takes to get rid of him.  Survival is his greatest asset. Zeus must conceal the truth.  Can he achieve his final mission before his enemies kill him? 

About the Book

 Operation Attitude is a hilarious account of how to turn trials into triumphs. Jenny Lissner was diagnosed with breast cancer while she going through a divorce. She felt called to wear a variety of funny hats, wigs, and costumes to help the other patients laugh during chemotherapy and radiation.   

 Operation Attitude is easy to read and chock-full of pictures, quips, and anecdotes to heal, amuse, and inspire. It is a heartfelt lesson in blooming where you are planted. Lissner’s creative approach is inspiring as she weaves painful trials into extraordinary fun. 

 Join her as she laughs, cries, and prays her way through cancer treatments, divorce challenges, medical insurance issues, financial struggles, and single parenting. Her words of wisdom will renew your faith and increase your happiness. A must read for anyone struggling to find peace or joy in their life.   

 Operation Attitude gives the reader simple, easy to implement changes to increase day-to-day happiness. Lissner doesn’t just talk the talk about having a positive attitude; she walks the walk, even if it is with a waddle. 

About the author

 At the age of 36, Jenny Lissner was diagnosed with breast cancer while going through a divorce. She had two young sons, no job, and questionable health insurance. Through her fear and pain, she felt called to minister to others by wearing goofy hats and crazy outfits to chemotherapy and radiation. The responses were so positive, after treatment, Jenny began speaking to cancer support groups about her experiences. With her unique sense of humor, she inspired others to find joy in the midst of their trials.   
 Jenny has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri. Before having kids, she worked as a banker underwriting loans. She stayed home with her sons until her divorce. Then got a job in an emergency room registering patients and later as a client associate at a brokerage firm. She went back to school for financial planning and became a Certified Financial Planner.   
 She currently lives in St. Louis and works at a large financial services firm as a vice president. She helps new financial advisors become successful. Jenny enjoys writing and is currently working on a novel series. Her hobbies include cooking, needlepoint, and walking. 


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