Officers Training School


Two hundred years in the future, orphans are the dregs of society. They are forever considered morally deviant, social outcasts who are unfit for education or employment.

Zeus Malone is an orphan raised in slavery under the Kalopso, a brutal crime cartel. He lives in constant fear that what he knows will one day explode into another unimaginable nightmare.

Zeus becomes the first orphan accepted to Officers Training School (OTS), an elite military academy. They wonder how a street-smart, knife-throwing, starving orphan passed the demanding entrance exams. What are his criminal connections and why does the vicious Kalopso network want him to infiltrate the Corps? OTS doesn’t accept him and will do whatever it takes to get rid of him.

Survival is his greatest asset. Zeus must conceal the truth. Can he achieve his final mission before his enemies kill him?